Antioxidants, Free Radicals & Supplements: The Truth

I can’t be the only bitch around here who’s struggling to get her head around antioxidants and free radicals. Last year they were good for us, we needed more of them, they prevent cancer. This year so far, they’re bad for us. What exactly is the truth here?


RECIPE: Roasted Carrot & Chilli Soup

Think it’s impossible to make a meal for four for less than £1.50? Read it and weep, bitches!    4 SERVINGS Ingredients: 1kg Carrots – £0.57  100ml Elmlea single cream alternative – £0.33 500ml Vegetable stock (Knorr stock pot) – £0.25  1tsp dried crushed chillis – £0.07 1tbsp sunflower oil – £0.02  2 pinches of… Continue reading RECIPE: Roasted Carrot & Chilli Soup